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What You Can Claim for Damages in Injury Compensation Case

As a personal injury victim, it’s your right to gain legal assistance from a personal injury lawyer in Lafayette LA and fight for the right compensation against your damage. Personal injury compensation usually comes with two steps:

  • Negotiations for an insurance claim, and
  • Winning the lawsuit

In personal injury, damages are categorized as special and general damages. Legal actions are essential for the victim to file a case against the accused. Taking the support of a personal injury lawyer in Lafayette LA from L. Clayton Burgess Law office would be the need of the hour. 

There can be various causes for a personal injury for which you can claim for an injury claim, including:

  • Accident from an automobile like motorcycle, car or a truck 
  • Medical malpractices
  • Defective product 
  • Domestic violence 
  • Workplace injuries 
  • Animal bites 

Economic Damages:

As a victim, you might go through severe physical, emotional, and financial stress. Special damages are categorized under the section where all the economic losses are calculated.

  • Medical expenses:

You need to maintain a proper record of the medical bills and other medical documents. You must keep a tab on every single treatment undergone. For claiming the right compensation, make sure to document the bills of the:

  • Ambulance services 
  • Hospital bed charges along with emergency services 
  • Fees of the physician
  • Testing like X-rays, CT scans and others 
  • Charges of major operations or surgeries 
  • Prescribed medicine bills 
  • Loss of income:

Due to injury, your work life is disrupted. With no work, there’s no inflow of cash. You must have a detailed discussion with your employer and your attorney to estimate the correct value of your loss. If you are a victim of a trucking accident, you need months to get back on your feet. Contact our truck injury lawyer in Lafayette Louisiana for getting the right amount for the pain.

  • Damages of personal property:

Judging by the intensity of damages, you have the right to claim against the repair or replacement cost caused due to the accident. Damage caused to your valuable things like car, laptop, cell phones, jewelry, or even personal clothing are listed in this category. For each damaged item, you can estimate the loss and add it to the claim.

  • Miscellaneous expenses:
  • Bills for medications 
  • Cost of medical equipment like a wheelchair, crutches, slings, bandages, etc. 
  • Rents of the car hired for transportation 
  • Parking fees of the vehicle at various medical centers. 

Non-economic damages:

Non-economic damages fall under the general category. Any type of personal injury might lead to pain, sufferings, emotional distress, a constraint to your life enjoyment, or death. Though you cannot provide an estimated bill for the following losses, they are still significant.

  • Pain and sufferings:

You have the right to demand compensation for all the discomfort and pain caused at the time of the accident. It also depends on the kind of injuries suffered by you. The higher the intensity more should be the compensated value.

  • Distress and depression:

A lot of victims face psychological disturbance due to the injuries from an accident. You might go through mental pressure, shock, fear, insomnia, and so on. The disturbing the accident scene could haunt you for years. Along with the claim, taking help from a mental health professional would be a wise decision.

  • Deprived personal enjoyments:

Accidents bring major or minor alterations in life. Your life comes to a sudden halt with no room for hobbies, parties, and other recreational activities. You can seek compensations against the loss of recreation time. Be sincere and provide a heartfelt description to justify your losses. 

  • Cause of death:

No amount of compensation is enough to replace the life of a person. Yet the loved ones of the deceased can claim for the loss by filing a lawsuit. If you have lost a loved one at an offshore accident, it would be best if you hired an offshore injury attorney in Lafayette LA to fight against the accused for a smooth settlement.  Being a citizen of this great nation, you and your loved ones have the right to justice. Don’t give up on the fight to get your deserving claim. Contact the injury lawyers at the law offices of L. Clayton Burgess to get extensive legal support from a team of highly professional lawyers in a wide array of legal services. Our attorneys are compassionate and fight tirelessly to keep the promises made to our clients.

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