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Police officers are entrusted with the duty to protect citizens. It’s their duty to enforce law and not break it.

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    Police officers are entrusted with the duty to protect citizens. It’s their duty to enforce law and not break it. It’s the right of every citizen to be able to trust any police officer and be confident in their abilities to act appropriately no matter how critical the situation is. However, there are times when police officers exert immense force and end up taking poor decisions that result in police brutality and wrongful death.

    Types of Police Brutality

    If you’re stuck in a volatile situation, it may get difficult to understand where your rights begin and whether the actions of the police officer are justified. It’s important to comprehend that a police officer is not above the law and even they are subject to legal consequences. Unfortunately, there are some police officers who abuse their authority and make decisions that result in serious injuries and death.

    Some of the most common types of police brutality include:

    • Use of excessive force: There are multiple ways to define police brutality. One is use of excessive force. Sadly, sometimes police may need to use a weapon. Non-lethal weapons include chemicals or police baton.
    • False arrest: It is an arrest made without any warrant or probable cause. If you are detained or arrested by a police officer without reasonable suspicion, you are eligible to file a lawsuit.
    • Wrongful death: If a person is detained by a police officer and it ultimately results in his/her death, the victim’s family members are eligible to file a wrongful death claim.
    • Racial discrimination: Unfortunately, there are times when minorities are disproportionately accounted for in criminal statistics such as criminal charges, police shootings, stop and frisk pat-downs, and police victimization.

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    Police Misconduct Injury Attorney Lafayette LA

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