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Motorcycle riders are more vulnerable than other motorists. Motorcycle accidents cause more severe injuries and deaths than other automotive accidents. In 2014, across the U.S., there were 92,000 motorcyclists injured in crashes, helmets saved approximately 1,630 riders, but there were 4,295 fatalities.

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    Motorcycle accidents on the road and motorways can turn out to be horrible experiences. However, motorcycle accidents are common on our roads and riders often sustain injuries ranging from mild neck pain to more serious injuries. Bringing up a motorcycle accident injury claim requires a specific set of criteria to be met. Anyone injured in a motorcycle accident needs to prove:

    • The accused owed a duty of care
    • The duty of care was breached

    When a victim succeeds in establishing the above-stated points, the next step is to receive compensation for the damage. Motorcyclists are vulnerable commuters on the road and 80 percent motorcycle accidents lead to injuries and in worst cases, death. Bike accident cases can turn out to be complicated. Therefore, it’s always advisable to seek the assistance of attorneys who are conversant with both state and federal laws.

    In any kind of motorcycle accident case, details of the situation are vital. Before you approach a lawyer, it’s advisable to note down what happened with the following points in mind:

    • What are the facts of the accident?
    • What are the damages?
    • Do I need any medical attention?
    • Did I click pictures of the accident?

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    Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

    • Inexperienced drivers
    • Speeding
    • Dangerous road conditions
    • Negligent or distracted driving
    • Defective safety equipment
    • Sudden brakes
    • Tire blowouts

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    Motorcycle Accidents Lead to Physical Pain and Financial Losses

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    • Unsafe Lane Changes: When an automobile driver fails to check his or her blind spot, there may be a risk of colliding with a motorcyclist.
    • Road hazards: Compared to other car drivers, motorcyclists are more susceptible to road hazards. For instance, a large car or truck may roll over a pothole but the same pothole may cause the motorcycle to spin out of control.
    • Consumption of alcohol: Riding a motorcycle requires razor sharp vision and reflexes. Even slight consumption of alcohol may lead to dangerous motorcycle fatalities.
    • Unsafe motorcycles: Unfortunately, manufacturer defects and incorrect maintenance of motorcycles may cause tires or brakes to malfunction thereby leading to deadly accidents.

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    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 2015 Crash Data

    • 4,976 motorcyclists killed in motor vehicle traffic crashes in 2015
    • 4,594 motorcyclists killed in 2014
    • 88,000 motorcyclists injured in 2015
    • 92,000 motorcyclists injured in 2014
    • 55% of motorcycle fatalities happen in urban areas compared to 45% in rural areas
    • 90% mishaps occurred on surface streets compared to 10% on interstates
    • Helmets saved the lives of 1,772 motorcyclists in 2015
    • 740 additional lives could have been saved if a helmet had been worn
    • 57% accidents happened during daylight, 38% in the dark, 4% during dusk, and 1% during dawn
    • 33% accidents occurred at intersections, 67% occurred at non-intersection locations
    • 97% accidents occurred in cloudy/clear weather compared to 2% in the rain and 1% in other conditions